Art Central 2021

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19 - 23 May 2021, at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Gallery HZ is pleased to present at Art Central 2021, new works by Canada based Hong Kong artist Peter Chan and native Hong Kong artist Lousy.

Peter Chan will participate in Duk Dak Solo Presentation, showing in his solo booth a new body of works inspired by his ongoing series “Ideals and Traditions”.

Lousy will present a large scale installation as part of this edition’s Yi Tai Sculpture and Installation Projects.

Peter Chan, Duk Dak Solo Presentation
In “Ideals and Traditions”, Chan explores critical themes of East Asia inspired by his visit to Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan. Through the autobiography documentation of imagery around him, he distorts and recomposes imagery to form compositions that allow for new narratives and meaning. This body of work documents and analyses themes of superstition, identity, popular culture, traditions, and gender ideologies. The artist uses a mix of contemporary figures to form new narratives by re-introducing them in both historical and contemporary locations.

As an extension from his 2020 series, Gallery HZ will also present a series of never-before-seen paintings by Chan, his latest works delve deeper in the dissection of social practices as informed by urban and traditional Hong Kong and Chinese culture. Through this new body of works, Chan strives to establish an autobiographical connection with viewers through intricate technical execution and familiar visual narratives, such as scenes from iconic Hong Kong films. More than merely paying homage to the illustrious film industry of Hong Kong, Chan prompts viewers to contemplate how popular culture influences our understanding of urban living and perception of social identity.

Lousy, Yi Tai Sculpture and Installation Projects

The two works presented at Art Central form the basis of a new series of large format panel works created by Hong Kong artist Lousy. The series is based around the artist’s personal experience of staying busy and connected during the past year, focusing on spending time with loved ones and friends, and in nature contrasting with the usual frenetic pace of the city.

Art Central 2021
Address: Hall 3F-G, Phase 1, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

VIP Preview: Wednesday 19 May, 2-8pm

Public Days:

Thursday, 20 May, 2 - 8pm

Friday, 21 May, 2 - 8pm

Saturday, 22 May, 11 - 7pm

Sunday, 23 May, 11 - 6pm

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