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22 December 2020 - 30 January 2021, at Gallery HZ

Gallery HZ presents Art Depot, a group exhibition of limited edition prints by more than 20 Korean contemporary artists. As the exclusive dealer of Print Bakery, Gallery HZ offers through Art Depot quality edition prints of highly coveted artworks by some of the most reputable artists in Korea. The diverse range of prints are offered at the affordable price of HKD 1000 and up, and are sure to bring some holiday cheers to any household.

Opened in 2015 by Seoul Auction, Print Bakery offers limited edition prints of nameworthy established and emerging Korean artists at highly affordable prices. Working with artists and artist foundations, Print Bakery acquires print reproduction rights directly from the studio or estate, customising production amounts and formats. Each produced print is then either hand-signed by artists themselves or authenticated by their foundations. A few notable participating artists include painter Ko YoungHoon (b. 1952), a leading member of both Surrealism and Hyperrealism movements in Korea; and Kim WhanKi (1913-1974), a pioneering abstract painter whose works merge the beauty of Korean countryside with Western styles of abstract painting.


To celebrate the arrival of the holidays, we will be serving mulled wine at the gallery between 22nd Dec to 24th Dec, we invite everyone to stop by and enjoy a warm cup of fruity delight. As the year draws to an end and we near the holiday season, we hope to bring some joy to the public by sharing this collection of vibrant prints with you. We wish everyone a happy Winter Solstice and a very joyful holiday season.

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