Currently works and lives in Sydney, Australia

With thoughts of new beginnings and the wisdom of empathies, Lyons’ latest works represent a tangle and layering of elegant understandings. Her strongest and most powerful lines hold within them the beauty of sure-footedness. Others, balance between the unbearable and the lightness of being.

Untethered, pulls together a suite of new sculptural pieces by artist Camie Lyons. These recent works exist as a loving extension of her ever-evolving practice. Her recognizable 3-D sculptural line is always on its way, documenting while tumbling through space. It is pausing into silence, recalibrating into calm.

Lyons' recent residencies include Hill End Art Residency by Bathurst Regional Art Gallery and Bull Bay Artist Residencies on Bruny Island. She was an Artist-in-Residence of various courses at Chalmers University and was awarded scholarship to study movement techniques in Bulgaria. Lyons has been commissioned to create large-scale outdoor public works in Sydney, Melbourne, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Sweden.

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