b. 1989, Hong Kong. Lives and works in Hong Kong

Desmond graduated from the University of Westminster, London in 2012, obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in Animation. He then acquired a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Media from the City University of Hong Kong in 2014.

The neo-noir photographs and renderings take the viewer on a unique visual journey of Hong Kong, where he grows up with. The high density of high-rise buildings with little alleyways somewhat shaped the citizens’ living habit and behaviour. This led him to wonder, ‘what would the city be after a few decades?’. The realistic yet illusionistic, and dystopian city sceneries that Desmond created hence holds a resemblance of his childhood memories in a projected reality. Drawing inspiration from Blade Runner and other cyberpunk works, these works are more than standard street photography of Hong Kong, they are CGI renders of environments and cityscapes.

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