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17 - 25 October, 2020, at Gallery HZ

Directed by Hong Kong celebrity and young art collector Joey Thye, art initiative The Real Project has collaborated with Japanese artist Yuya Hashizume to present the artist’s first solo exhibition in Hong Kong “eyewater: MUSIC”. It is the first time for Yuya Hashizume to adopt the image of a real person as the blueprint of his artistic creation, which he depicted Joey Thye as a cartoon figure in his works. It is also Yuya’s first attempt to create his works in three-dimensional that a human-size sculpture is made for this show. There will be a variety of merchandise launched alongside with the exhibition, including limited editions of toy figure, as well as limited editions of handcrafted wooden stool produced in collaboration with local creative initiative Start From Zero for the first time. At the same time, pre-sale of T-shirts and limited editions of 50 prints signed by Joey Thye will be launched to celebrate the second anniversary of Joey’s debut.


“eyewater: MUSIC” is the first solo exhibition of Yuya Hashizume in Hong Kong. Michael Li, curator of the show, shared what makes him invited the artist for this show: “Although the use of colours in Yuya’s works is rather bright, and gives a joyful feeling, the one drop of tear lingers at the corner of the eye is a representation of the sadness that everyone intended to hide in the bottom of their heart. This is also the reason why I like Yuya’s works. Through this exhibition, I hope to encourage everyone that if there is something unhappy happened in daily life, you can still show the sad and vulnerable side of you. Release the negative emotion inside you and embrace the joy.”


“eyewater: MUSIC” will showcase 13 pieces of 2-D works and one sculpture, six of them are from the artist’s most signature series “eyewater”, and four new works are painted under the theme of “music”, a topic adopted in his arts for the first time. Different from the close-up side view demonstrated in the “eyewater” series, Yuya Hashizume adopted a rarely seen approach – “long shot” to illustrate the little girl in the “eyewater: MUSIC” series. The little girl floating in the air carried an earphone or guitar to reflect the theme of music, which also aims to express a comfortable and relaxing mood to the audience.

About The Real Project

Co-founded by local celebrity and art collector Joey Thye, and curator Michael Li in 2020, The Real Project is a fashion, popular art & culture initiative. It aims to promote art and culture locally through working with young artists and hosting exhibitions for them. Earlier this year, the initiative curated the “8.24” exhibition with a group of local artists to pay tribute to Kobe Bryant. The Real Project hopes to collaborate with different art initiative in the future and make an impact on the fashion and arts industry.


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