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Ghost Mountain Field / Lousy / MoMo Kim / Peter Yuill / Dami Kim / Kanny Yeung

5 August - 4 September 2021, at Gallery HZ

Gallery HZ is pleased to present Newness, a group exhibition featuring new works by Ghost Mountain Field, Lousy, Momo Kim, Peter Yuill, and for the first time — Dami Kim and Kanny Yeung. The exhibition will run from August 5th to September 4th 2021, with an opening reception on August 5th from 6 to 9 PM. 
Newness underlies the plurality of Gallery HZ, assembling a vibrant group of emerging and established artists whose works continue to foster dialogue between cultures, artistic expressions and mediums. Amongst participating artists is gallery artist Ghost Mountain Field, whose new works 'Miss Hong Kong: Congrats' (2021) and 'Liu So' (2021) continues his ongoing exploration of Hong Kong pop culture. His signature tongue-in-cheek motifs and playful reinterpretation of Hong Kong cultural icons express welcomed feelings of diasporic nostalgia shared by viewers from the city. Hong Kong artist Lousy will show for the second time with Gallery HZ, presenting two new ink on board works. Adopting a bold and contrasting palette, 'Star Child 21' (2021) captures the essence of Lousy’s signature style materialising in fluid strokes and vibrating with positive energy. 
Newness also celebrates the works of two new artists. Paintings by Korean-American artist Dami Kim are best described as an exploration of recalled memory through visual studies of art history. Inspired by historical paintings and vintage photography, Kim explores themes of memory and dream through abstract and expressive distortions. Her mesmerising contortion of colour and composition form a visual synergy that blends hallucination with illusion, creating an experience of jamais vu from supposedly familiar imagery of historical paintings. Hong Kong artist Kanny Yeung will be showing her signature skyscape paintings alongside a new series of abstract paintings. Yeung’s paintings depict serene land and skyscapes of places she has visited, many of which are snippets of the city of Hong Kong. Each painted sunset or evening sky is a manifestation of intuitive creation, emitting an elemental balance of energy that is both harmonious and hypnotising. Her paintings attest to both her technical excellence and artistic authenticity.   
Showcasing new works from a breadth of practices ranging from traditional oil on canvas to digital paintings, Newness is a celebration of artistic talent and dynamic creativity emerging from a new era of contemporary artists, offering a unique opportunity to view new contemporary work by a diverse group of artists in dialogue. 

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