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MoMo Kim - This is for you

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Digital painting on canvas, stretched

59.4 x 84.1 cm

Editions of 3

About the artist:

MoMo graduated with a BFA in Illustration from School of Visual Arts, New York and later pursued an MA in Fine Arts from Academy of Art University, San Francisco. She also obtained a Certificate in Modern and Contemporary Art from Christie’s Education, New York, in 2017.
In MoMo’s art world, she is trying to break the boundaries between decorative art and Modernism in contemporary art. Her paintings on canvas, drawing and collage on paper, and digital prints are autobiographical. She works with a range of diversified visual elements that represent her everyday life as a member of the young generation that is with an oriental root but a westernised upbringing. The composition in some of her works resembles an advertising billboard or a cinematic close-up in a widescreen view. The use of simplistic patches of bright and flat colours with sparing detail and form, luck and sometimes kitsch symbols, slogans, automobiles, and clean and bold outlines, all projected the artist’s view of present-day life and various enigmatic facets of urbanity, as well as her response to the fast-changing contemporary art world.
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