Sophie Cheung

Currently works and lives in London

Sophie Cheung is an artist, writer, poet, and disability rights activist. Cheung got a diagnosis of having ‘schizophrenia’ and had received psychiatric treatment from 1996 to 2009. Cheung is a life-long advocate for disability rights, having worked as community developer in an NGO in mainland China, and a contributor to the implementation of United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). In 2015, Cheung published a book ‘Disabilities CV: The Stories of the Persons with Psycho-social Disability in Hong Kong’ that examines and re-conceptualizes the multi-faceted meanings of disability and the disability experience in an attempt to effect a paradigm shift towards social inclusion, challenging the dichotomous relation between barriers and resources.

Cheung’s recent return to visual arts is marked by her graduation from RMIT University, a programme co-presented with Hong Kong Art School. Her practice is informed by concept of the subjectile—a paradoxical fusion of both subject and object. Cheung presents mundane tools such as erasers, pens, or newspaper as metamorphic objects that possess subjective integrity. Thence, she seeks to articulate problematic aspects of subjective status by adopting a creative process that presents subjective integrity as if it is contiguous with objects.

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