Through her work, Wong explores the relationship between human desires and objects under the mechanism of consumerism. Wong’s watercolour and oil paintings integrate pop culture elements and powerful human desire centred around the contemporary world we live in.


Wong’s images of human anatomy fused with popular junk food brands are at once horrifying, fun, and recognisable to anyone who has undergone a serious craving. The Entity series contains an abundant amount of details, juxtaposing human organs with items that interest Wong, such as junk food, high heels, fashion items, machine components, advertising, and packaging. The series features clever pairings of consumer goods and human organs, in which the goods seamlessly comprise parts of human organs in extreme yet delicate portrayals of their inextricable role in daily life. Objects in her work closely mirror the texture of the depicted organ - instant noodles replicate the thin wavy fibres of the stomach while M&Ms and cornflakes make up nodules of the heart muscle.


Wong received her degree in fine arts from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) in 2012, and before that she had also earned a Diploma in Commercial Design from the Chingying Institute of Visual Art in 2004, majoring in Graphic Design. Her works have been shown in the Urban Bakery Art Exhibition, Hong Kong Contemporary Art Exhibition, Hong Kong Cancer Fund Charity Auction and Pao Galleries of the Hong Kong Arts Centre.


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