b.1969, Perth, Australia

Waldemar Kolbusz has been painting full-time for the past two decades and has been part of several high-profile solo and group exhibitions in Australia, New York, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Passionate involvement with painting has been ever-present in his life that was fuelled by a nine-month voyage to Japan, America, and Europe after completing his studies. In 1998 Waldemar was fortunate enough to experience first-hand the expressionist works of the New York School of Artists Exhibition in Tokyo, which inspired him to further communicate and experience life through his artistic practice.


The artist is known for his dynamic abstract painting that expresses a language of form and colour. He is concerned with employing challenging combinations of hue and shape to paint artworks that generate an original awareness of colour and feeling. Kolbusz’s canvases pulsate and resonate with their free and broad saturation of colour that taking in the eye of the viewer.


Kolbusz has received substantial critical acclaim over a relatively short period, and his work continues to garner interest and recognition internationally. His appeal is broad that his high profile has just earned him #2 in STM’s hottest 100 lists 2019 in Perth, Australia. His works have also been collected by several highly-regarded corporate, public, and private collections in Australia, New York, Switzerland, Singapore and Brunei.

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